Defender engine swap

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Defender engine swap

And sweet, sweet freedom, apparently. The engine is mated to a 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission.

2.8L Cummins Diesel for a Custom Defender

This beautiful Defender has a lot more going for it than just an engine swap. It has new paint; powder-coated seatbox, floor boards, roll cage parts, and bumpers; five new BF Goodrich KO2 tires; a new windshield and Puma hood; and a new Kenwood head unit which, we must say, looks a little out of place. An engine and interior fire was the impetus behind the build, but the British truck still has a clean title and has passed emissions testing in Clark County, Nevada.

Land Rover Defenders are ludicrously capable off-road, but this thing would be a great alternative to an original model if you're looking for one that you're not afraid to get dirty. Clean Defenders are getting rarer and more valuable with each passing day, so consider this a less-precious version of a modern classic. If you're more of a preservationist, we still have good news: those aforementioned 70th Anniversary Defenders with the 5. You'll have to move to England to get your hands on one, though.

By Eric Brandt June 25, The fastest Defenders ever made have arrivedThe Defender 90s and s are great vehicles, in fact, most owners know they'll never sell their Defenders and want to keep them "forever".

Now ECR has a way that you can make that dream a reality. Much like our original frame swap process for the Series II-III Land-Rovers, we use the same system for Defenders of all years, that way your trusty Defender can really have a shot at lasting a good long time, with no frame rust at a price that makes it worth your while.

It also increases the value of your vehicle while adding longevity, what could be better? Click on the picture above to see another NAS Defender 90 get a frame swap due to prior accident damage. How do we save you money and enhance longevity at the same time? Our unique frame swap system, that we pioneered in the USA well over a decade ago as seen abovegets a new galvanized frame into you Defender without taking the entire vehicle apart.

This saves you s of dollars and hundred of man hours from having other shops do this type of work. They want to take your truck apart piece by piece, but if you really only want or need a frame, the ECR frame swap system is the only way to go. The hot dipped galv. All the correct parts bolt up to our chassis and they fit without any modification to your Rover or its parts.

This is also a great time to take care of those other jobs that you want done to your Defender, such as a new springs or shocks as seen above.

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The labor to do this type of work combined with a frame swap takes a lot less time as all the parts have to be swapped over anyway, so you can get a new suspension installed for nearly just the price of the parts. This image shows the body of a Defender lifted in our frame swap system. Once the new galv.

Think about never having to worry about frame rust again in your Defender This image shows one of the ECR Defender 90 chassis that has all the mounts and such for a USA Defender 90, but combines that with the engine and gearbox mounts for the Tdi. This makes it so your project will bolt together and go together easily, and you'll end up with a long lasting galvanized frame to boot! This image show the example Defender 90 ready to head back to its home in Florida, but now with a new ECR galvanized chassis.

That means the owner can ride on the beach and have a blast with his Defender without worrying about rust or corrosion in the frame.

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If you need a replacement frame installed in our frame swap system we can help. Contact ECR about your Defender frame swap needs. Only from ECR.There is so much that can be done with innovative engineering in regards to that aging Land Rover Defender in your garage.

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Some of this comes from the versatility of the Defender itself; designed for function, these trucks have the ability to transform into both off-road experts and the ultimate luxury truck.

But, as any Defender owner knows, all of that exterior glitz means little if the unit that powers the truck is itself a relic from the past. When dropping a new engine into a complex vehicle like a Defender, only the best mechanics and engineers in the world can truly be trusted.

The trucks that roll out of our garage after a Land Rover Defender engine swap can do in under seven seconds without batting an eye. Suddenly, a truck with the size and brawn to handle any back road in the country can now match-up to many sports cars right off the line.

We accomplish this by installing one of two engine types. Choosing between the two is up to you, the client, and leaves a few things to consider:.

Often used in the Chevy Suburban, this is an engine that was built to handle a large chassis and respond with exceptional performance characteristics. This option is great for those who look to increase the drivability of their Defender. Dropping this into a Defender combines power and balance in a modern package to create a terrific daily driver.

This Cummins Turbo Diesel Land Rover Defender Is Much More Than A Simple Engine Swap

Designed for Corvettes, this is the engine swap for those looking for peak Defender performance and speed. The difference in power will be immediately felt no matter what you currently have under the hood, and this engine makes a retrofitted Defender an absolute jaw dropper. The stats tell most of the tale: 6. Beyond the engine, we also upgrade all of the supporting systems like that transfer case, harness, axles, brakes, and much more.

As we pioneer Defender rebuilds for the 21st century, you can rest assured knowing your modification is on the very cutting edge. Land Rover Defender Engine Swap. Choosing between the two is up to you, the client, and leaves a few things to consider: The Chevrolet LC9 Often used in the Chevy Suburban, this is an engine that was built to handle a large chassis and respond with exceptional performance characteristics.

The Chevrolet LS3 Designed for Corvettes, this is the engine swap for those looking for peak Defender performance and speed.A collection of vehicles we've worked on and parts we have fabricated.

After serving 7 years in the Royal Marines as an engineer, I wanted to continue working with engines and 4x4 Fabrication was established. For over 10 years now we have consistently offered a first class, reliable and knowledgeable service with exceptional customer care to match. All work undertaken is carried out by fully qualified, long serviced engineers who all have the dedication, skill and passion to provide you with the very best vehicle service in the local area.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of engine conversion specialists in the U. We offer conversions for the following: Ls v8 into defender and Nissan patrol Cummins into patrol and Land Rover Mercedes om into defender Bmw d M57 into defender As well as engine conversions we offer stainless steel custom exhausts, remapping economy and power tuning, roll cages, welding, bespoke fabrication and alloy wheel repair.

We also provide services for trailer repairs and mobile welding for building sites. Our 5.

Land Rover Defender Engine Swap

Play Video.Courtesy of Just4GP. A guy I work with has way too much time and money on his hands. He loves Land Rovers but can't stand the reliability or lack thereof and lack of power. Using the resources he had, he's managed to design and build a kit to drop in an LS motor with ease and maintain 4WD.

Ok, here we go. The LT is exactly in the stock position. I think I will just post a few pictures and let it sink in.

defender engine swap

I made a run of five adapters to start. The Gen IV truck engines fit. The low car intake fits the Discovery. Yes, this fits Discovery 1 and Classics too. No mods to the steering box. I will be providing a new aluminum radiator. There are about 20 configuration changes to two computers. There have been several people asking what engine or package to buy from GM. They have three different offerings GM does offer the LC9 5. Part number Available from Summit, Jegs This package comes with a wiring harnessECM, and optionally a transmission.

Problem is GM Performance doesn't off the 6L80e transmission, yet. Therefore, any package engines won't have the correct ECM and wiring harness. Don't wast you money on this one.Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious.

Defender GM LS conversion stripping the body walk-around

Operations like these provide convincing arguments for that statement in the form of the restored, refurbished, and reimagined Land Rovers that leave their facilities with new motors, new metal, and contemporary amenities like satellite navigation systems and working air-conditioning to replace the tired and wheezy factory systems that are perpetually in need of recharging.

The creator of the Defender pictured here, the Blacksmith Engineering Company, has an ethos that is very much in vogue these days: take a beloved classic vehicle, strip it down to its essence, and build it back up with new and revised components to create the ultimate expression of the original idea.

The end product is certainly a different beast than the base truck, but the two share the same fundamental concepts at their core: rugged ability, and a handsome but utilitarian presence. The rig pictured here for instance has a turbo diesel engine like many of the early Defenders—this truck began life as a military-build Defender —but instead of one of the rather anemic and not-so-reliable 2. Besides the stock mil-spec cage, the transfer case mentioned earlier, the bulkhead, and the removable tin top, everything else has been replaced or reinvigorated by Blacksmith and their partners around Utah, like Wild Diesel in Ogden, UT, who helped bring the motor from its stock bhp guise into the stump-puller that it is today.

All it took was all new running gear…. I wonder if the builders considered the new Cummins Repower 2. Facebook Google. Subscribe to newsletter. Sign Up. Log In. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Peter J Smith. Bryan Dickerson. Petrolicious Newsletter Email Address.See all 31 photos. Thus began a complete buildup of the Defender, the centerpiece being the installation of a GM 5.

These engines are found in many 4x4 project rigs and are available in aluminum or cast-iron blocks, and they mate to a variety of modern or older transmissions with minor modifications. Beav estimates that he has over hours into the build of this awesome Defender. The result is a rig that looks great, is functional both on- and off-road, and is comfortable to drive or ride in.

defender engine swap

To accomplish these goals, Fortified Customs invested about hours of wrenching, which included installing a modern 5. The original hp 3. The Defender definitely deserved better, so a 5. As you can imagine, there were a number of mods that had to be made to fit the engine assembly into the Defender.

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An example is the custom brackets for items like the power steering pump and alternator. Beav estimates that the 5. The engine is mated to the factory R five-speed manual transmission via a Fortified Customs-built adapter. Cooling the 5. The radiator is fit with a pair of electric fans. Air is drawn into the engine via a Vibrant Performance air cleaner housed at the end of custom intake tubing.

Note the high location of the air filter at the rear of the engine bay. Power is split to the axles via the factory LT T-case. The front-and-rear offset axles is a design that goes back to WWII-era jeeps and allows you to keep an obstacle under one side of the vehicle, rather than miss the front diff and smack the rear.

This system includes new coil springs and shocks. The steering is also factory with the exception of a Bilstein steering stabilizer. The setup under the rear of the Defender is almost a duplicate of the front and includes the factory axle and a Terrafirma All-Terrain Medium Load 2-inch suspension system consisting of coil springs and Terrafirma shocks.

The inside of the tub was coated with Raptor bedliner material for easy cleanup.

This LS-Swapped 1995 Land Rover Defender on eBay Is a Redcoat with an American Heart

The interior and passengers can be protected by a bikini top procured from Rovers North. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Ken Brubaker Photographer, Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

defender engine swap


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